Plugin geoloc


The geoloc plugin is used to follow people or object. This plugin implements a webserver which can be called on various url by a smartphone or any device connected to internet.


There is no dependency.

Plugin configuration

You have to configure the webserver parameters for this plugin:

Key Type Description
host ipv4 Ip or hostname of the service which will make the url available.
port integer Port of the service which will make the url available.

You will surely need to configure you internet box (or whatever else) to add port forwarding in order the webserver to be available from anywhere in the world.

Create the domogik devices

Domogik device type : geoloc.position

1 parameter is needed for a domogik device creation:

Key Type Description
device string The geolocated device id. This device id will be used in the urls.

Start the plugin

You can now start the plugin (start button) and use the created domogik devices.

Plugin dedicated user interface

In order to show the API and test the plugin easily, the plugin included also a HTML interface. It is available on from your Domogik server with the default configuration.

Set up your widgets on the user interface

You can now place the widgets of your devices features on the user interface.